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Pay What You Can Sale!
Extended thru Dec. 11th!

Here we go - my 1st "Pay What You Can Sale"!  

Thank you for all the excitement upon hearing of this Sale!  I'm so glad to be extending this offer to you, to purchase your favorite pieces at a SPECIAL price!

The details are laid out below, if you have any questions, please email me


What is the "Pay What You Can Sale"?

Over the years, I've had lovely people compliment & gush over the feeling they get when they view my Originals, but said they could never afford them.  They would kindly purchase a print, or a small piece, just to have a  little of that joyful feeling they love.

I'm hoping this will give a chance to own an Original painting, to anyone who

wants one!

How it will work:

* All Originals on my website are eligible!  Anything on canvas, wood & paper!

* Regular retail prices are posted on each artwork, as usual, so you can see how much they

typically sell for.  I will consider every offer that is submitted!

* If I accept your offer, you will receive an email letting you know that I have accepted!

Please do not submit an offer if you are not intending on paying if you are accepted.  It's not fair to others who wanted that piece, if it's already been taken off sale, and the accepted buyer disappears on me. :(    I do reserve the right to turn down any offer that doesn't seem to be a fair or realistic offer.

* Please note - Shipping is not included in the offer price.  And artwork will not

come framed.  Matting on paper pieces is included - when stated on the listing.

I keep the shipping as low as possible - and it's typically $5 - $40 for most pieces, even

the bigger ones - in the contiguous United States.

In some cases, I may include the shipping, if the offer warrants it.  I will let you know

the shipping at the time of accepted offer.

How to make an offer?

Starting Wednesday, November 23rd, I'll be posting a link to a form for you

to fill out, on the listing of each item.  Just click the link, answer

the questions listed and Submit Form.

I will be accepting offers on a first submitted basis.  I will either accept or decline the offer

and will notify you, in either case.

I want to accept as many offers as I can, this Season.  And get as many pieces

of art into happy homes, as is possible!

Please let me know your thoughts on the piece you are wanting - there

will be a space on the form for that - and I can't wait to hear!

  Have fun!  And good luck!  I hope you get the piece/pieces you've

been wanting!

xo & Happy Holiday Season,


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