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Design Services:

If you need help deciding if a painting is right for your space, I offer a digital option for you.  Just email me a picture of your anticipated art space (above the sofa, over a table, on a skinny wall, etc.) and provide me with any dimensions you have (the length of the sofa, table, wall, etc.).  I'll do a photo mockup of the painting you're considering, so you can see approximately what it would look like in your space.  

If you are local, I also offer an in-home visit.  Just let me know which paintings you're considering and I'll bring them to you, for you to try right in the space!  

I also provide limited interior design consultation.  If you're stuck on which color to paint your room, color combinations for textiles and decor, or need some artistic vision for your space regarding furniture layout or theme - please email me for a consult.


At this time, I'm not taking any new commissions.  I've decided to take a break from commissions and concentrate on creating new, lovely collections of work that develop naturally from my soul and creative practice.  If this ever changes, I'll notify my Collector's List first!  So please make sure to sign up for that, if you're interested!

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